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Horizon Performance Optimizations

Some notes on Open Stack Horizon Performance optimizations on CentOS 7.1 install:
4 vCPU (2.3 GHz Intel Xeon E5 v3), 2 GB – 4 GB RAM, SSD backed 40 GB RAW image.

CentOS 7.1 ships with Apache 2.4.6 so there are some optimizations we’ll try.

Multi-Processing Module selection: Default is PreFork (atleast on Openstack installed system)
Event is apparently better for response times so try:
LoadModule mpm_event_module modules/mod_mpm_event.so

Ensure to enable exactly one in this file, then restart httpd: systemctl restart httpd

The side effect is if you have PHP code running, it may stop to work and need php-fpm setup.