About Silver Sky Soft

Silver Sky Soft is a talented software development company focused on integrated data analysis and statistical software. Our core focus is data analysis in financial domain. Currently one of our focus areas involves applying the best statistical methods to extract and predict patterns and behaviours.

In this blog, we post info about OpenStack and our learnings. Go to our Openstack blog. Have fun!

If you’d like to contact us for professional projects, please email us at contact [at] silverskyoft.com. Or use our Contact page

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    1. Mahesh,
      We did not carry extensive tests. We asked couple of our users to report back on the responsiveness of the Horizon UI. They reported its very much quicker to respond just after Event MPM. After a few hours we went back to Pre-Fork MPM (and did not tell them) and they reported they noticed some sluggishness. That was was our extent of our user experience testing.

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